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What is ArborGold Voice Broadcast?

Download Voice Broadcast Sales Sheet
Imagine communicating a message to hundreds of customers in your database in a matter of minutes! ArborGold Voice Broadcast Service is an exciting new technology that allows you to easily communicate with your client base via telephone. Using your current ArborGold customer database you can filter and target specific clients to receive voice messages. The Voice Broadcast Service is a powerful tool with a simple interface.

Here's how it works: Create a targeted list of customers, for example select a list of customers that have a scheduled service on a particular day. Click one button to upload the list to the integrated voice broadcast message web page. After recording up to a thirty second voice broadcast message you select the date and time you want the message delivered to your customers. It's that simple, yet so powerful.

How can Broadcast Service benefit
your business?

The Voice Broadcast is a perfect solution for improving communication with your client base. Wouldn't it be nice to notify all the customers in your database that Dutch Elm Disease is affecting area trees and ask them to call your office for a free inspection? How about using the Voice Broadcast Service to set your company apart from the competition by providing your customers call-ahead service to notify them of their scheduled job or appointment? You could also use it as a collection tool to notify customers with overdue accounts. The value of the Voice Broadcast Service becomes clear when you add up the amount of time it takes to make individual reminder announcement calls to clients.

Whether you use it as a marketing tool or to provide better customer servce, the Voice Broadcast Service will take your customer relations and communication to the next level. Give us a call or check us out on the web for updates on this exciting new feature.

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